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Santa Rosa Press Democrat:

    4/4/01-  Expert: Pot should be destroyed.
Witness says moldy marijuana from sheriff's evidence locker could sicken or kill users..... "It sounds like a low-budget science-fiction movie" defense attorney Sandy Feinland said in court Tuesday.

-  SR Patient Acquitted in Pot Case.
In a verdict that could change the way prosecutors handle medical marijuana cases, a Santa Rosa man was acquitted of charges that he had more pot than was necessary for his needs.  Both sides agreed that the acquittal of Alan MacFarlane of felony cultivation could establish standards for how many plants medical marijuana patients can grow.
1/18/01-  Medicinal Marijuana  Goes on Trial -- Santa Rosan charged  with growing pot says he needed it for pain management.
9/2/99- Six Month Sentence in Day-care Drug Case; SR Woman OKs Plea Agreement.
9/1/99- Court Debates how much Pot is Medicinal.
9/17/98- Sonoma County Doctors will Review Medical Pot Use-- First in State.
8/30/98- Cure Touted for Medical Pot Rift.
9/19/97- Rules for Medical Marijuana Use in Sonoma County are Standardized.

12/18/97- Charges for Pot Growing are Dropped; Review Panel May
Yield Framework For Patients.
9/26/97- Dispute of Medical Marijuana Rules; Woman Facing Felony Charges.

San Francisco Chronicle:
3/2/99- Day Care Tots may have been Drugged; Provider Accused of Giving Pills for Napping.

San Francisco Daily Journal:
  7/13/99- D.A. "Friction" at Heart of Recusal Bid

Associated Press: 
Court case to test how much is too much medical marijuana.

APB News:
    3/1/00- Cops Give Back Man's Marijuana. Judge Says Chronic-pain Sufferer is Entitled to Drug.

The Coastal Post:
    September 1997- Disabled Woman and Caregiver Faced Deputies Guns.

Sonoma County Independent:
12/11/97- Pot Law a Bust. For Local
Residents, Legal Issues Still Cloud Prop 215 Guidelines.

Fox News:
Court asks how much medicinal marijuana is too much.



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Our cases in the News

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